After revealing threatening messages to Naira Ashraf on WhatsApp, an Egyptian director detonates new surprises.

Although her killer was sentenced to death by hanging, the case of student Mohamed Adel’s slaughter of his colleague Naira Ashraf in front of Mansoura University is still an issue of interest and the talk of the Egyptian street, as the pioneers of social networking sites in Egypt revealed a post published on the page of an unknown director named, Moamen Nour, written in conjunction with the timing of the murder Naira Ashraf, in which he confirmed that he was a director of a movie that will star the Egyptian actress Aida Riad and the murdered student, who will play the role of the artist’s daughter in the film, as he claimed.

According to (Al Arabiya Net), Nour wrote through his personal account on (Facebook), before deleting the post after it began circulating that the student was going to act with the artist Aida Riad after the end of the exams at the end of the university academic year, but all of that stopped after her murder.

He continued, “May God have mercy on her, Naira. She would have become a big star and had a future.”

Nour added: “Nira was happy with these words and expressed her joy with childish feelings,” noting that he promised her that he would make her one of the most important communication sites and that she would be a star behind which satellite channels and newspapers were eager to interview her.

The director continued by saying that he was aware of what was happening between her and her colleague at the university, Muhammad Adel, and advised her more than once to ignore him and not respond to his threats, assuring her that she would be in another area away from him, and explaining that he saw over the phone the killer’s threats to her and spoke to him by phone and advised him to stay away from Naira, and threatened him that he would confront him if he repeated his attempts to attack her.

For her part, the artist, Aida Riad, denied what the obscure director said, and in statements to local websites, she denied her interview with the director and the murdered student. Aida Riad expressed her dissatisfaction with the inclusion of her name in such cases, declaring that she had never met Naira Ashraf in her life.

The Egyptian police records, which were drawn up after the killing of Naira Ashraf, revealed the last (WhatsApp) messages between her and the killer and carried explicit threats from the perpetrator to his colleague.

Investigators discovered threatening messages from the killer to his colleague over the phone, for example, a message dated April 6, in which he said, “Get ready, stay for what will happen to you.. Get ready, stay.” “Do not give me more than that, so that I will not leave you completely healthy.” The killer admitted that he actually intended to kill her, and was waiting for the right opportunity to do so.

Two weeks ago, the Criminal Court in Mansoura, northern Egypt, sentenced the killer of Naira Ashraf to death, after the Mufti of Egypt approved the death sentence, in the fastest ruling in the history of the Egyptian judiciary.

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