A Jew on the Temple Mount: Anger in Saudi Arabia after an Israeli channel published a video of its reporter on Mount Arafat. What is the story?

Tweets published by Hebrew Channel 13 about its reporter wandering around Arafat’s rope angered Saudis through the communication sites, who denounced the Israeli journalist’s entry to Mecca at the time of the most important and largest religious occasion for Muslims, the “pilgrimage” season.

Saudi activists circulated a clip of the Hebrew channel’s correspondent while he was on his way to Mecca, in a scene that is the first of its kind for an Israeli journalist to tour the Holy Land, after previous reports of an Israeli delegation’s tour of the Prophet’s Mosque.

The footage shows the reporter, “Gil Tamari” in a car, with an English-speaking person, whose voice and picture are hidden as he drives the car with Tamari on the road heading to the Great Mosque of Mecca, to confirm Tamari that he is at the gates of Mecca, explaining that he “hid his being Israeli from the driver”, and he kept talking to him. in English.

And the matter did not stop when passing through Mecca, but the driver took him to the pilgrimage sites and reached Mount Arafat to take more pictures there.

The Israeli reporter did not clarify whether he had obtained an official permit from the Saudi authorities or not.

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