Ohio wants to turn Google into a “public service”

According to Ohio, Google is a utility, just like a power company. This American state is therefore asking the courts to requalify the search engine, accused of abuse of a dominant position by a growing number of authorities.

Dave Yost, the Ohio Attorney General, on Tuesday launched unprecedented legal action to bring Google under the same regulations as utilities.

“Google is using its dominance of internet search to direct Ohioans to its own products. It is discriminatory and anti-competitive,” he said, quoted in a statement.

“When you own the railways or the electricity networks or the telecommunications antennas, you have to treat the users the same way and make sure that everyone has access to the service in question”.

The prosecutor’s office gives the example of searching for an airline ticket: “If the results direct the person to the Google Flights service, that person does not see offers from competitors such as Orbitz and Travelocity”.

The Californian group replied that these lawsuits were baseless and that it would defend itself in court.

If Dave Yost won, “Google Search results would get worse and it would be harder for small businesses to connect with customers,” a spokesperson for the tech giant said in response to a solicitation. from AFP.

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