Bids of the cultural scene in the “capital of joy” need appropriate publicity

A sector of social life did not resist the “Covid 19” pandemic, as did the cultural sector. If the epidemic that affected the world included cultural and artistic activities, the latter at the same time formed an outlet that relieved lovers and those who are fond of cultural and artistic activities.

The people of the cultural sector, who were made to resist, created patterns of creativity during the pandemic that were a haven for them to confront isolation, which turned into a moment that contributed to inspiration and production. After the repercussions of the epidemic receded and the land and air borders were opened, the question of cultural dynamism was imposed in the city of Marrakesh, as a tourist destination, known for centuries as storytellers with ancient legends and tales.

Among the question marks that arise, does the cultural actor still possess the elements of resistance to maintain the cultural momentum in this present? To what extent can we talk about a vision and plans for cultural institutions, especially in the current season? What are the roles it plays, and what is the future program that it has drawn up to continue its glow at the level of the local cultural scene? And where are the obstacles that prevent the glow of this sector?
Because the cultural scene is diverse, about the art of rhymes, Abdelhak Mifrany, director of the House of Poetry in Marrakech, said: “Since its establishment on September 16, 2017, this house has watched, under a cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Culture and Communication at the time in the Kingdom of Morocco and the Department of Culture of the Government of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Maintaining regular monthly and annual programming.

The same director added, in a statement to Hespress: “The House of Poetry in Marrakech has been organizing monthly meetings and seminars that investigate many topics of interest to the Moroccan issue, and on the occasion of its new cultural and poetic season 2022-2023, it organized last month the “Open Doors” segment of its new poetic program.

“These communicative days are also witnessing the organization of direct meetings with representatives of cultural and educational institutions, a group of writers, poets, media professionals and artists, and initiatives to celebrate Moroccan poetry,” says Mifrani, who explained that the House of Poetry in Marrakech is betting as part of its sixth year celebration on an exceptional cultural season, by diversifying Programming and openness to the six regions in southern Morocco.

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