Hala Othman. Secrets about Miss Earth and Sports

A step was made by Hala to get Egypt for the first time in the World Cup in archery, before being assigned by the Ministry of Immigration to be the official spokesperson between Egypt and Poland.

Her study of computer engineering at a European university played a major role in shaping her character, as she was one of the distinguished students within the university for her excellence in studies and her distinction of helping Arab and Egyptian students.

And because she is participating in charitable activities in Egypt and Poland in support of students and those in need for psychological, social and material support, as well as her participation in the activities of the Ministry of Immigration to support students abroad, the Ministry granted her the official spokesperson website between Egypt and Poland.

Simply Hala Atman has become a model for the successful Egyptian woman who represents her homeland and her family abroad, so Egypt becomes the first target, and even publishes a special program to promote medical tourism inside Egypt by holding competitions and publishing pictures of tourist places and presenting them to young people abroad to introduce the Egyptian civilization and the most prominent tourist places until it is called She is Miss Sports.

Hala says: “My goal is to prove that the Egyptian girl is able to combine her success in her studies with her work in the political and sports fields, and to take care of her beauty as a female. Her country is at its best.

She added: “I faced difficulties represented in attending conferences at the Ministry of Immigration during sports camps, exercises and shooting, following up with my coaches, working, continuing shooting exercises, running and speed, and attending continuous physical exercises that should not be postponed, while continuing training with the group of contestants in Miss Egypt and attending visits that It was in a number of Egypt’s governorates.

She also tells: “It is difficult for a girl of my age alone to face all these challenges, but my first supporter was my whole family, which supports me psychologically and financially, and I want to thank everyone in my family and brothers, but my mother is the most important person who supports me and is by my side in every Nothing, and I do not hide a secret from you that my older brother is one of the most important personalities who always support me and has an important role in my life. He is my advisor and my hidden hero.

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