Lebanese singer Ramy Ayach brings joy to the hearts of sick children in Casablanca

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Lebanese star Ramy Ayach visited the August 20 Hospital for children with cancer and blood diseases, in a humanitarian initiative.
Ramy Ayyash revealed, in a statement to Hespress, that his visit came with the aim of bringing joy to sick children, and drawing strength from them, saying: “They teach us how to be strong, and they are in a difficult time and need to bring joy to them and their families, even with a simple initiative.”

Rami Ayyash highlighted that more than ten years ago he founded his own association entitled “Ayyash for Childhood,” which is concerned with providing free education for children.
In this context, today he dedicated this visit far from the field of the association with the aim of bringing a smile to sick children and standing by them.

The Lebanese star continued, in his speech to Hespress, that he grew up during the war in Lebanon, although he is from the new generation, and he wished that there would be an association that would help them with education in their schools; Therefore, he thought about establishing the Ayyash Association for Childhood to stand by families and help their children to study, hoping that his association would continue its activities.
In another context, Ramy Ayach, in addition to his artistic activities, chose to enter the world of investment, where he opened a group of his own Lebanese restaurants. He also announced, recently, his intention to invest in the city of Tetouan, after a private visit to the city.

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