Pablo is preparing to release his new album

Rapper Marwan Pablo continues his preparations for the release of his new album of 11 tracks.
Pablo published a number of album tracks, which are 10, in addition to the halal track that he issued in the past weeks, through his personal account on the social networking site Instagram, through which he excited his fans about the approaching release of the album.

The song “Al-Halal” is considered the last work of rapper Marwan Pablo, who succeeded in achieving great success on YouTube, topped the trend for a long time, achieving 2 million and 800 thousand views, and won the admiration of rap lovers greatly.

The lyrics of the song came as follows: “This is the fate and this is the attainment. If I lose balance, do not ask me about the place, see a trip to the clouds trying to correct the defect, my heart is still in the north, I can’t go around on safety, I stay in the role of the weapon, the role of revenge, the gun impoverishes the men.”.

It is worth noting that the singer Marwan Pablo participated with the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram and the music distributor Hassan Al-Shafei in the song “Live it Well”. The YouTube.

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